ISML 2010 Preliminary Period, Phase I - Groups

A round-robin tournament took place in each group of nine Candidates.
Group winners advanced to the Regular Season while the rest proceeded to Phase II.
See the 2010 Charter or the Rules FAQ for more details.
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Seeding Tournament

The seeding tournament was held between Phase I and Phase II.
The 16 automatically-qualified Contestants faced the 14 winners from Phase I in groups.
Results from the two-day event provided data that helped construct the 2010 Regular Season schedule.

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ISML 2010 Preliminary Period, Phase II - Brackets

The following brackets visualize the single-elimination tournament that takes place in Phase II.
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ISML 2010 Preliminary Period, Phase III

Candidates were eliminated in group-based matches until only six remained.
These six claimed the last available slots for the Regular Season.
The Seeding Tournament was extended to have four more arenas scheduled within Rounds 1 and 2.

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Featured Match Previews

Members of the ISML Community are invited to contribute previews and teasers for upcoming matches.
Submissions are posted on the front page while voting takes place.
Any match occurring that day can be featured.

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