Name: Sakurano Kurimu 「桜野くりむ」
Title Series:Seitokai no Ichizon
Voiced by:Honda Mariko

Career ISML Performance
2010: 32nd Place. Record: (18-0-31)

Moe Tournament Résumé
None thus far

Representing the strengths of spring, Kurimu is all about energy, earnest effort and rapid development. Wait, make that 'potential development’.

As if to make up for her tiny body, there is no limit to Kurimu’s ambition. She holds the position of student council president, a title she fought tooth and claw for. However, the elections system in her school is little more than a popularity contest, meaning Kurimu only needed to have the most charming and colorful personality to win. Not that anyone would question her competence as a leader, of course.

One thing Kurimu deserves credit for is her resolve to make the student council actually perform its duties. It would be even better if she were not so easily distracted. She also has the uncanny ability to become the crux of whatever problem is being solved. If the council manages to deal with its affairs despite all that, Kurimu should be considered to have a magnetic personality that draws the right people to her side, right? Or did they all just feel sorry for her?

Kurimu might not be the textbook example of a school’s head figure, but she’s doing her best to make up for it by being a bundle of cute. As unorthodox a leadership method as that is, in her case it may well prove effective.

Past Notable Matches

ISML 2010 Regular Season: (32nd Place)
Amethyst 1: 2523-2557 to Maria (Hayate no Gotoku!)
Ruby 6: 1830-1842 to Louise Vallière (Zero no Tsukaima)

Regular Season Schedule

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