Name: Saginomiya Isumi 「鷺ノ宮伊澄」
Title Series:Hayate no Gotoku!
Voiced by:Matsuki Miyu

Career ISML Performance
2010: 34th Place. Record: (16-0-33)

Moe Tournament Résumé
26th Place - Saimoe Japan 2007
Round of 64 - Korea Best Moe 2007
Round 2 - Saimoe Japan 2008
6th Place - Saimoe Japan 2009
Round of 96 - Korea Best Moe 2009

The petite and eternally lost priestess.

The most obvious aspect of Isumi's character is her timidity. Whether greeting her friends or delivering a momentous revelation, she always speaks in a barely audible and soft tone. However, one had better listen to what she says, as her presence in any given place is often linked with the appearance of some otherworldly monstrosity or vengeful spirit. That is, unless she intended to go somewhere else, like her room for example, and got lost on the way. That's the way she ended up in Australia, once.

Unusually for a shy girl, Isumi can become forceful and obstinate when the right buttons are pushed. One surefire way to provoke her is to question her ability as an exorcist - she will go to great lengths to fight such slander, even if proving her competence involves putting on maid outfits or the like. She is also deeply emotionally invested in the amateur manga her childhood friend Nagi writes. Nights spent agonizing over how to save the story's hero from the latest pinch are not uncommon for the two.

Isumi's devotion to her friend is strong and pure. From their youngest years, Isumi has been bending rules to help Nagi out in smaller and bigger ways. Now, as both of them have reached the age of first love, Isumi is ready to keep her own feelings in check if it means making her friend happy.

When not at school or with her friends, Isumi acts as a demon hunter and exorcist. Due to her young age, her spiritual abilities are unstable and still growing. Or that's what we're told. In truth, she is seemingly untouchable unless she is taken entirely by surprise. Her powers are not only good at demon extermination - she does equally well against living targets, like aggressive mountain bears. Quite possibly, Isumi's powers are the reason behind certain supernatural phenomena occurring on Earth - those are mistakes from when she was even younger, still taking their toll on the world.

All this considered, it can be easy to forget she's just a child facing demonic armies all alone. Only once, when complimented for her bravery, Isumi asks "do you think I'm not afraid?"

Past Notable Matches

Saimoe Japan 2007: (Twenty-sixth Place)
Round 3: 803-937 to Izumi Konata (Lucky☆Star)

Korea Best 2007: (Sixth Place)
Round of 64: 820-910 to Shana (Shakugan no Shana)

Saimoe Japan 2008:
Round 2: 522-640-476 to Isurugi Noe (true tears) & over Sunohara Mei (CLANNAD)

Saimoe Japan 2009: (Sixth Place)
Quarterfinals: 736-812 to Aisaka Taiga (Toradora!)

Korea Best 2009: (Sixth Place)
Round of 96: 672-888-883 to Sunohara Mei (CLANNAD) & Hakurei Reimu @ Tōhō Musō Kakyō

Regular Season Schedule

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